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WELL HELLO EVERYONE, where does the time go? One movie suggested that giant chomps (which I always thought were called chomomps, or chompomps, but I am obviously getting mixed up with bobombs) ate it, and that movie ruled so that is where time goes THE END.

I haven't updated in about a month and a half because my life is so exciting that I just don't have time!
This is the answer that I am sick of people writing. If you're too fucking busy to update then shut the fuck up because I don't care and it makes me wonder why you'd go out of your way to say "Oh I'm just so busy that I have no time to update yet here I am on a computer clicking some buttons and telling everyone about it!! I am a jerk!!!!!!!!!"

I just haven't really given a shit about writing down anything about my life. A bunch of shit happened, but I just got so sick of typing it out and even now I'm regretting typing this but it looks really pretty on my new monitor.

Speaking of new monitors, here is a summarisation of shit that has happened to me:

  • Parents went to Hawaii and Las Vegas for about 3 weeks

  • Went and saw Hard Candy and passed out from the castration scene when she talked about squirrels eating testicles and held up fake testicles, then woke up and was sweaty but I got a free glass of water!

  • Failed a subject at uni because I hated it a lot so I just sat in the test and wrote nothing then left early (plus it was a deferred exam because I lied about getting sick so even having about a month to study for it did not make me do it because I hated it that much that it was a mental block!)! CRYPTOLOGY & PROTOCOLS IS NOW MY LEAST FAVOURITE THING EVER, RIGHT ABOVE CASTRATION SCENES now I'm doing 5 subjects this semester and I really should start studying, woops

  • I got some SUPERVIRUS which made the doctor think I had viral meningitis SO I then went and got a CT scan and a lumbar puncture therefore proving that I am on House M.D., and have spent the past 8 days or so doing pretty much nothing, with about 5 or 6 of those days spent on the couch in pain watching daytime TV (woo hoo???????)

  • Got a DS Lite but seriously who cares? It plays games and shit??

  • Monitor died and got a new monitor but I like the old one better but this one is OK but I hate LCD fuck computers

  • Blah blah wieners

YES THIS IS AMAZING I AM AMAZING this is terrible so now I am stopping! Maybe I'll write something worth a damn later on. Also Miami Vice sucks and do not touch anything ever because you will get germs and die. My temperature got to 38.9 degrees celsius and my blood pressure went down to 100 over 55 or 60 for a few days! But I don't have brain cancer so that's cool I guess. No touchy.
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