After that delightful message it's time to blah blah I don't even know.

I'm really unfit. Every day I manage to sit down and not do any physical activity, bar the few times I have to leave the house. Actually, I really, really haven't done anything since I amassed an $1100 debt buying music crap from eBay.

"$1100 THIS MAN IS A TERRIBLE MAN????" I hear you saying, because aural distortian is a rampant problem in my life and I basically hear what I want to hear and end up in lots of comical situations where my misunderstandings lead to hysterical accidental actions à la Mr. Magoo if he had better vision.

(Strangely enough, I'm also capable of differentiating between different numbers of question marks to be used, i.e. 4 instead of, say, 3. This is an innate ability and any attempt at trying to pass on this trait to another - be they man or dog or some kind of "dogman" who barks at other motorists and then pees on his boss à la Mr. Magoo - would ultimately result in catastrophe of the utmost uncomical kind, unlike perhaps some of the more hystical natural disasters such as the Iranian Turkey Melt Massacre or the Balinese Buttrapings of '78 [only comical due to impeccable alliteration coined by the western media].)

Anyway, the main chunk of it was due to $556 worth of sunn 0)))'s White Box and the Boris Live aRchive set, and I possibly overpaid slightly for both of them but I really don't care because I ONLY LIVE ONCE WOO WOO. There were a bunch of other vinyls and a few CDs and I only did it because my birthday is under 2 weeks away and I will get a big pile of music for my birthday! THE ONLY SETBACK IS THE FACT THAT I AM BASICALLY BROKE FOR ANOTHER 2 WEEKS AND THERE'S SO MUCH OTHER CRAP I WANT TO BUY MUSIC-WISE AND I really do have an addictive personality with some things, strangely not alcohol or smoking or drugs. (?)

The REAL point of this is that I am really unfit. I watch everything I eat so I maintain my weight, but just this past week I have felt so lethargic that I'm to the point where I just feel like lying down in my bed non-stop. My sleeping pattern is along the lines of going to bed at midnight to 2am, then waking up at midday. 10 or 12 hours sleep is just wayyyYYYEEE too much, even though I love sleep. After running from one side of the house to the other my heart beats faster than it should, and etc. You get the picture, hhhhhhhhnnnghh.

So, I've been trying to start a regimen of jogging/walking every night, either trying to jog for a short period of time and gradually get better, or walk fast for a longer period of time and work my way up that way. Since I like taking things to their extremes I am going to try the first method (what the hell am I on about with that extremes comment?).

ALSO, since more people seem to be getting beaten up and killed, I'm going to start to learn how to fight. I've never been in the position where I've had to fight anyone through sheer luck, but now some 15 year-old kid gets beaten to death 5 minutes from where I live (and some guy who was the boyfriend of mum's friend down the road's daughter got hit in the head when he tried to break up a fight between a bouncer and a patron outside of a pub and DIED), and it seems like I'm going to have to know how to handle myself with these fucking meathead wankers not seeming to care what they do! Possibly this will involve weight-training but not to the point where I look like a frog or pointy origami. Mum even said it was a good idea when I mentioned that I should learn some form of martial art so that I don't get killed in Alex Hills (where the kid died), so I'll have to find one that caters to my strengths (being awesome) and masks my weaknesses (lazy) (hairy legs) (likes Avril Lavigne) (basically everything except being awesome).

Man, I'm sick of writing this and you can probably tell since the style of my writing has gone severely downhill due to apathy!!!!!!!!!!

On that note, I'll leave you with the saved draft of a journal entry that I was going to post last night:



P.S. A Scanner Darkly is an awesome novel and I know I am late with this but still! Awesome!

P.P.S. I sat a multiple choice exam and answered everything as "C" and I got 32%. Sadly I don't think that I can just write "C" in a word document and have the same happen for my assignments. ;_;
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